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Rotten Tomatoes Score: 80%

IMDb Score: 6.4/10

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Drama, Classic,

Surveying the ins-and-outs of a large psychiatric clinic, this Vincente Minnelli film concludes that the staff may be more neurotic than the patients. When a new set of drapes is needed for the institution’s library several parties contribute their thoughts, leading to a bit of a power struggle. Karen McIver (Gloria Grahame), the often-overlooked wife of clinic head Dr. Stewart McIver (Richard Widmark), wants the honor of making the selection; Victoria Inch (Lillian Gish), the spinster business affairs director, insists on muslin drapes so they can save money; and Dr. McIver asks Steven Holte (John Kerr), a new patient with suicidal tendencies, to design said drapes.

Why it's Psychotronic: Vincente Minnelli film about a psychiatric institution

Year of Release:1955

Director:Vincente Minnelli

Cast:Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall, Richard Widmark, Gloria Grahame, Lillian Gish,


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