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IMDb Score: 5.4/10

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Mad Foxes

Cult, Drive-In, Spain,

When hapless hero Hal (Jose Gras from Bruno Mattei's Hell of the Living Dead and Lucio Fulci's Conquest) and his ladyfriend have a deadly run-in with a greasy biker gang, the thugs strike back by raping the woman and beating Hal within an inch of his miserable life. But he survives and calls on his uppity kick-boxing buddies who in-turn crash the dead biker's funeral, cut off the gang-leaders member and feed it to him. What follows is an endless back and forth of violence, mutilation, rape and revenge, with a staggering body count made up of the innocent, the sort-of horrible and the all-out scum-of-the earth.

Why it's Psychotronic: Ulta-sleazy eurotrash flick

Year of Release:1981

Director:Paul Grau

Cast:Andrea Albani, Jose Gras, Peter John Saunders, Hank Sutter,


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