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Back in 2012, I noticed that Netflix had added a batch of oddball catalog titles from the MGM films archives, movies like LITTLE CIGARS and CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR that had been previously unavailable on any home video format. Realizing that Netflix has a tendency towards not being inclined to promote their non-new release, non-mainstream titles, I started a Facebook group called "Psychotronic Netflix," posting daily links to the obscure oddities that you could now easily stream to your television.

This soon grew into a regular column at Daily Grindhouse, where I started to write regularly. Eventually, I stopped being exclusive to Netflix (due to both the service losing a lot of its catalog content and the increasing number of streaming services that had a significantly deeper scope in terms of content) and re-branded the Facebook page as "Psychotronic Streaming," with the column being rechristened "I Wake Up Streaming!," bringing weekly guides to what's new and noteworthy on over a dozen different services.

The weekly (and later, monthly) lists were fun to do, but became a bit of a burden to put together, so I wanted to figure out a better way to track the titles rather than simply throwing them in a Word document as I saw them. MY solution was to create a database of titles, one where I could easily add the service and date it was associated with, along with some basic information about the film. This, I reasoned, could produce something dynamic that I could just cut and paste when I needed it, something like this.

The thing is... as I started working on putting together a database, I found myself actually having fun. I started to add more stuff to the film information, bringing in artwork and trailers and using the OMDB API for Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb data. It was becoming a little larger than my individual attempt to categorize a few things for a streaming video column. I had an actual streaming video database set up, one that I was maintaining with the latest films available that could be described as "psychotronic," and unlike other streaming service databases that provided general information but weren't geared to a specific audience, I had something I wanted to share with the cult film-loving world.

(What's psychotronic, you ask? The word as a film genre originated with Michael Weldon's Psychotronic magazine, and it, like 'art' and 'pornography' are tough to define, but you'll know it when you see it. It's a genre that encompasses genre films, drive-in fare, art-house oddities, and basically anything else amenable to the adventurous movie fan.)

So here it is! Now, this is very much a personal project and a work-in-progress, so my intention is to add a number of additional functions (more API integrations! Mobile friendliness! Apps! Reviews! My roadmap is out of control.), I figured it works fine as a way to allow movie fans to see what's new on their favorite services for the time being. I'll be updating it daily with the latest in streaming titles from a variety of different sources, including several that many other similar databases tend to overlook.

If you like what you see, want to make some suggestions of additional movies or services, or just want to say howdy, shoot me an email at!

Paul Freitag-Fey

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