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Mystery Monsters (Goobers!)

Squidgy, Blop and Esmerelda are the strange, mischievous monster stars of a popular children's TV show. The monsters plot an escape from the show's evil host with their cunning child co-stars until an evil, alien force arrives with its own depraved intentions for the little marquee monsters.

Top 10 This Month

1. Commando Fury ()

2. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey ( FilmStruck Prime Video )

3. Foxfire ( Hulu Prime Video )

4. My Favorite Butler (What the Swedish Butler Saw) ( Prime Video )

5. The Manchurian Candidate ( Prime Video Hulu )

6. Down Down the Deep River ( Prime Video )

7. Child's Play ( TubiTV )

8. Demons 2 ( Shudder Hoopla Digital )

9. Inferno ( Prime Video Screambox Shudder )

10. Invasion U.S.A. ()

Top 10 This Week

1. Commando Fury ()

2. The Flying Guillotine ( Prime Video Netflix )

3. My Favorite Butler (What the Swedish Butler Saw) ( Prime Video )

4. Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone ( Prime Video )

5. Farewell, My Lovely ( FilmStruck )

6. Deadly Dancer ( Prime Video )

7. Le Cercle Rouge ( FilmStruck )

8. Killer Workout (Aerobicide) ( Prime Video )

9. Foxfire ( Hulu Prime Video )

10. Tusk ( Netflix )

Top 10 All Time

1. Commando Fury ()

2. Season of the Witch ( Prime Video )

3. Dead Pit ( Prime Video )

4. Evils of the Night ( Prime Video )

5. Double Doses of Horror: The Vampire's Night Orgy/Invasion of the Bee Girls ( Prime Video )

6. The Breadwinner ( Netflix )

7. Split Image ( Prime Video )

8. The Retrievers ( Prime Video )

9. My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea ( Hoopla Digital Netflix )

10. Bog ( Prime Video )

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