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Art and Craft

A funny, fascinating, too-good-to-be-true documentary about Mark Landis, one of the world's most prolific art forgers, who for over 30 years has duped museums across the country--until one determined registrar sets out to stop him.

Tomie: Unlimited

Tsukiko is part of the photography club at school, but has always felt less than her sister Tomie. She's cute and very popular among boys. However, one day, Tomie dies in a horrible accident, triggering endless nightmares for Tsukiko. One year later, right when Tomie was supposed to turn 18, someone knocks on the door. Tomie is back. Little by little, Tomie will start to show her darkest side to Tsukiko, making her nightmares come to life.

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What IS This Thing, Anyway?

In short, it's a streaming service content database, but one more akin to the feeling of browsing at a really great video store than seeking out a specific title. Unlike other streaming databases, Watch This Thing's contents are personally added daily with an emphasis on adding only movies and television shows that could be defined as "psychotronic" -- that is, films with cult followings or potential for cult followings, genre films, art house favorites and general cinematic offerings that might otherwise be buried under the noise of all of the new streaming titles coming out daily.

There's still plenty of work to be done in order to build the database, but in the mean time, it should work well as a daily guide to the new Psychotronic streaming releases. The goal is to allow you, the viewer, to pick out the streaming services you can use and the genres you like, and then display an up-to-today guide to the titles that you'll enjoy.

So go ahead and try it! Choose some services and categories, and click "See Whatcha Got" or just click on "Show Me Everything!" to see all of the available items in the database currently.

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